I am running for Mayor today because the problem-solving from City Hall has been weak and ineffective.

Crime. Homelessness. High Concentration of Pot Shops. Overdevelopment. These issues can forever change the make of Costa Mesa. Sadly, City Hall has neglected to do their job in addressing these issues.

Costa Mesa can be a much better place. We need leaders that are willing to stand up and have strong and effective solutions for Costa Mesa.

If you agree, I hope you’ll join me.

About James Peters

James Peters has been active in his family’s life with coaching basketball, helping with Awana and helping with school homework. He is also a 30-Year Tax and Wealth Management professional helping the community meet and exceed their financial goals.

James is the Faith, Freedom and Family candidate and will help ensure that if another 2020 event occurs that all families will retain their freedom to go to the park, grocery store, church and work.

His commitment to addressing critical issues such as high cannabis store concentration, crime, homelessness, and overdevelopment stems from his deep love for the community and his desire to see Costa Mesa thrive.

Join James in his mission to bring effective leadership and positive change to our city.


James Peters is proud to have the support of numerous community leaders, organizations, and residents who believe in his vision for Costa Mesa.

Laura Ferguson

Former City Council Member of San Clemente

Sonya Green

Director for Patriots for Freedom Club PAC.

Key Issues

James Peters is focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing Costa Mesa:


1- Implementing stronger community policing strategies.
2- Increasing resources for law enforcement.


1- Developing comprehensive support programs.
2- Collaborating with local organizations to provide housing solutions.

High Concentration of Pot Shops

1- Reevaluating zoning laws and regulations.
2- Ensuring a balanced approach that considers community concerns.


1- Promoting sustainable development practices.
2- Protecting green spaces and maintaining the city's character

Join Our Team

Are you passionate about making Costa Mesa a better place? Join James Peters’ campaign team and help drive the change our city needs. There are many ways to get involved:

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James Peters is focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing Costa Mesa:

Phone Number



3525 Hyland Avenue, Suite 260, Costa Mesa, CA 92626